Effects On Women When They Continue Vaping Even During Pregnancy


Many women during the days of pregnancy go through the stress and resort to having the narcotics they used to before pregnancy. But the whole problem is related to issues that pregnant mothers forget. The health conditions are different in pregnant women than normal time and thus mothers should be really careful about the environment they live in and their physical and mental health.

Things Pregnant Women Should Follow For Perfect Health

Many women smoke cigarettes occasionally or on a daily basis. This is a health issue that takes a toll on the pregnant women even more than during normal condition. It is important to make sure that the perfect state of health is maintained while pregnancy and thus some measures are to be taken to take care of respiratory health. Things like stopping smoking are some important lifestyle changes that are to be made during this phase, for the safety of both the baby and the mother. Even smoking e-cigarettes during pregnancy can be harmful and thus certain things are given below that mothers should keep in mind.

  1. Many women who even occasionally smoke should totally stop smoking. In any case, nicotine is bad during pregnancy. Most important effect of nicotine is one the neural control that can create a chemical imbalance in mother’s body. This is the reason a total control needs to be there. E-cigarettes are no less than normal cigarettes because they also possess nicotine and thus results in the same amount of health issues.
  2. The next would be a condition of passive smoking and that is also a grave issue. The problems related to passive smoking have increased with time. Many smokers who are part of the environment of a pregnant mother should make sure not to smoke in front of the mother. Passive smoking is said to be more harmful than smoking and it is also true for mothers while they are pregnant.
  3. Mothers should also make sure that they do not stay near smoke from all around. There is heavy pollution that can create huge respiratory issues among people. It is important for pregnant women to stay away from the smoke generated by air pollution because adverse effects are almost similar to smoking.

These are some things to be controlled by women while going through pregnancy. So women should follow every precaution minutely and control their lifestyle accordingly. The health of mother is essential to have a baby growth healthy. Mothers may feel that vaping while pregnant is not harmful, but that is not at all true. These affect respiratory system to great levels making the baby more prone to having pulmonary disorders in future.


Smoking anything can be harmful to both the mother and the baby and sometimes increases the chances of miscarriage as well. Smoking and drinking are one of the chief causes for which complications in pregnancy occurs. Thus lifestyle changes like leaving vaping and smoking in every way should be done strictly so that mothers can lead a stable life of pregnancy.

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